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Frequently asked questions


Where is the main campus of Sai University located?

Sai University is located at Paiyanur in Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu State.

Does Sai University have a city campus?

The city campus of Sai University is located on the 4th Floor, Beta Block, SSPDL Tower in Navalur on the Old Mahabalipuram Road in Chennai.

Which is the nearest airport?

Chennai Airport (MAA) is the closest to the university.

How can I reach Sai University campus?

From the airport/railway station/bus terminus, you could get a cab to our campus.

How old is Sai University?

SaiU is India’s youngest multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary university which was established in 2018. The University will welcome its first cohort of undergraduate students in September 2021.


What are the programs offered by Sai University?

SaiU has two schools that offer the following programs:
School of Arts and Sciences: B.A./B.Sc. (3 years)
School of Computing and Data Science: B.Tech. (4 years)

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What degree will I get?

You would get one of the following degrees on successful completion of the respective program:
B.A., B.Sc., B.Tech

When does the academic year commence?

The next academic year will commence from August 2022.

Do you offer interdisciplinary courses?

Yes, SaiU offers an interdisciplinary program. Some of the greatest innovations have come from combining two apparently unrelated fields, and innovation is the key to a dynamic economy. Students may have more than one interest, and an interdisciplinary education provides avenues to pursue them in tandem, either with a minor or an interdisciplinary major.

Are there study-abroad programs?

In the second year, students will have a choice to opt for study-abroad programs.

What kind of study-abroad programs do you offer?

Semester abroad, short international visits based on projects or workshops.

What makes Sai University’s faculty panel distinctive?

Our faculty from around the world bring vibrant new curricula, pedagogical innovations in active learning, and a philosophy that puts the student at the centre of everything we do. We have a team of dedicated teachers and renowned scholars who can help our students scale greater academic heights. Our professors are pioneers, trailblazers, visionaries in their chosen niches. They are highly experienced and equipped with incredible transformative power to help students discover their true calling and build rewarding lives.

Do you follow a semester system?

Yes, we follow a semester system.

Are there any specializations offered?

You may do a Major in Arts & Sciences and a Minor in Computing & Data Science, or vice versa. You may also, following approval of a well-developed proposal, construct an interdisciplinary major that crosses school boundaries: for example, Digital Arts, Digital Humanities, or Public Health Data Science.

When do I choose my electives?

You will be required to choose your electives before the beginning of the first semester in the second year.

How can I apply to a program?

The application form for 2022 – 2023 will open shortly. You can now submit the registration form available at

Is it possible to apply to the programs offline?

No, we do not have offline methods to apply. You would have to complete an online application.

Can I apply to more than one program?


What are the eligibility and selection criteria?

· Grade 12 – CBSE, CISCE, Cambridge, IB, state boards and other recognized international boards.
· Personal Statement and essays
· Faculty Interview
· Standardized Admissions Test (optional) – one of the following is accepted: SAT/ACT/Pearson Undergraduate Entrance Exam/JEE. 

*While taking these tests are optional, the scores do carry a reasonable amount of weightage in arriving at the
overall score of the applicant

SaiU is now accepting Pearson Undergraduate Entrance Exam scores, for admission to UG programs. Visit to register.

I am currently in Grade 12. As the exams have been delayed, I cannot submit my transcript with the application. Can I still apply?

You are eligible to apply for the program. You will be given more time to provide your transcripts based on the conduct of the exam.

What if I cannot provide my transcripts?

You would need to submit your transcripts by the set deadline. However, if you have an issue, you may discuss it with your admissions counselor.

Do I have to submit an essay?

Yes, you would have to submit a personal statement and a few essays as requested in the application form. A personal statement is a short piece that will allow you to tell us about yourself. It will help us understand who you are, what are your interests, your passions, your achievements etc.

Is there an admissions test?

SaiU does not conduct an admissions test. You are required to submit one of the following: SAT/ACT/Pearson Admissions Test (Pearson Undergraduate Entrance Exam)/JEE with the specified score.

What are the common admissions tests accepted by Sai University?

SAT/ACT/Pearson Admissions Test/JEE scores are accepted

How can I get a scholarship or fee waiver?

SaiU awards scholarships to meritorious students who may not be able to pay the full tuition fee. On receiving your application to one of SaiU’s program, we will guide you through the scholarship application process.

Is there an application fee?

No, there is no application fee.

If I have queries or need help with my application, who can I contact?

You may email us at or call on +91 9150010080

What are the cut-off dates for the admission rounds?

Round 1 Application Deadline –  31 December 2021
Round 2 Application Deadline –  31 January 2022
Round 3 Application Deadline –  31 March 2022
Round 4 Application Deadline –  31 May 2022


What are the postgraduate programs offered at Sai University?

SaiU’s School of Law offers a one-year LL.M program in Regulatory Studies and Daksha Fellowship in Technology Law.

What degree will I get?

You would get a LL.M. degree,

How is the LL.M. program different from Daksha Fellowship, also offered by the School of Law?

The LL.M. program and the Daksha Fellowship are designed with entirely different objectives, even though there are overlaps. Daksha Fellowship is intended primarily to mould practitioners in the field of Technology Law and Regulatory Law. A lot of emphasis is given to methods of dispute resolution and court craft. LL.M. at SaiU is intended to create academic leaders for the Twenty-First Century. The curriculum and pedagogy are planned in such a way that the participants of this program can anchor the development of Regulatory Law in India. Teaching and Research skills are nurtured throughout the program.

What is the design of the LL.M. program?

The one-year LL.M. in Regulatory Studies at School of Law consists of foundational, specialization and optional courses to give a thorough exposure to regulatory law. Students are expected to write a dissertation to complete the requirements of the degree.

Is it a trimester or semester model?

The one-year LL.M. program follows a trimester model

Will there be any internships?

As it is a one-year intense academic program, internships are not part of it. However, SaiU can help students who want to do internships after the completion of the program.

Is it compulsory to complete a dissertation as part of the program?

Yes, students are expected to submit a dissertation to complete the requirements of the degree.

Who are the faculty at School of Law?

The School of Law is driven by its esteemed faculty representing a variety of fields and sectors in the legal field. Our faculty are original contributors to the growth of knowledge and are career academics, researchers, core industry practitioners and consultants. Read more

How is the curriculum different from the LL.M. offered by other institutions?

The LL.M. program is designed to create academic leaders for the 21st century who can effectively respond to changes in the legal domain, construct new theoretical frameworks that explain and critique such changes, and innovate through new pedagogic approaches. The program is designed keeping in mind that most law schools in India do not offer courses on Regulation, be it at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. Thus, the program combines foundational, specialization and optional courses that provide a deep understanding of regulatory law and theory.

Are there any specializations in the LL.M. program?

The LLM program is a one-year master’s course that provides a deep understanding of Regulatory Law and Theory. In the third trimester, students can opt for courses from any of the following clusters: Infrastructure and Sustainable Development, Technology Law and Policy, and Corporate and Financial Regulation.

Will there be any career support?

After completion of the LL.M. program, School of Law alumni will be eligible to apply for relevant Teaching Assistant/ Research Assistant positions at SaiU. Also, students interested in pursuing Doctoral studies after the program will be supported by faculty for their research proposals and references.

Is it a residential program?

Yes, the LL.M. course is a residential program.

To know more about Daksha Fellowship’s FAQ, Click here.


How do I apply for the LL.M. program?

You can apply for the LL.M. program via the online application form that will be available on SaiU website soon.

What is the admissions criteria for the LL.M. program?

Candidates holding a recognized undergraduate law degree or those who have appeared for their final semester/year examination are eligible to apply to the LL.M. program. Candidates’ scores in SaiU’s All India Admissions Test or the LL.M. common admission test will be considered. Apart from this, weightage will be given to a candidate’s work experience, publications, and statement of purpose.

How many students will be there in one batch?

One batch will hold a maximum of 35 students.

What is the admission process?

-Online application by candidates holding a recognized UG law degree or those who have appeared for their final semester/year examination.
-SaiU’s All India Admissions Test OR results of LL.M. common admission test conducted by any agency of consortium as per the UGC norms and recognized by SaiU.
-Statement showing work experience, publications, if any
-Statement of Purpose
35% of the total seats of the LL.M. program shall be reserved for Resident Students of Tamil Nadu. Read more

Is there an application fee?

No, there is no application fee.

What are the cut-off dates for the admission rounds?

Round 1 Application Deadline –  31 December 2021
Round 2 Application Deadline –  31 January 2022
Round 3 Application Deadline –  31 March 2022
Round 4 Application Deadline –  31 May 2022

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