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Why study global challenges?

May 23, 2022 | SaiU Curriculum, Blogs

The world faces many complex challenges every day, a most recent example being the coronavirus pandemic. It is a global challenge and hence calls for global solutions. Mitigating the challenge requires the combined efforts of specialists across multiple fields, knowledge beyond specific disciplines, and focus beyond medical implications.

As global citizens of the future, students must be equipped to identify and help solve global gargantuan challenges that require collective and well-coordinated efforts. It is this understanding that is at the core of  SaiU’s foundational course  ‘Global Challenges’. The course that involves experts in different fields is interdisciplinary, for it is exploration and evaluation of issues of significant import in an interconnected world.

It dispels the notion that a nation’s problems are its own, separate and unrelated to other nations. All our problems and issues are deeply connected, and impact upon peoples across the world. This course helps students uncover the imperceptible connections between seemingly disconnected issues. The course also gives a sneak peek into the ongoing humanitarian, peacekeeping, and diplomatic efforts across the world while introducing students to landmark conferences that address global challenges. 

The course offers a wealth of knowledge in several critical areas such as peace and justice, human rights, sustainable innovation, and diversity. Delivered as a colloquium, the students are provided the opportunity to listen to the best in the field, examine complex issues. They thus learn to address them systematically, collectively and the need to evaluate them in interdisciplinary contexts.  Students learn empathy, diversity, inclusion, sustainability and responsibility.

As part of the course, the students get to organize symposia, publish journals, and pursue internships and carry out independent research in groups or individually under faculty and external guidance. The global challenges course also serves as an incubator for Sai University’s immersive international program and offers internship opportunities beyond the first year.

The course aims to equip students with knowledge of myriad global issues that impact upon both the people and the planet and enable them to come up with long-term solutions, thus creating a generation of innovators and problem-solvers. The way forward to survival and sustainability is to prepare students to tackle the complexity of the issues early on.

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