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Let’s Walk Hand in Hand – SaiU Orientation Program Day 2

Day 2 of the orientation program for our exceptionally gifted students began with a very intriguing and enlightening session by Prof. Sean Padriac Bala, a renowned religious studies scholar and intersubjectivity expert. He spoke about intersubjectivity and the relevance of active and relatable exchange of thoughts and feelings (strengthened by empathy), both conscious and unconscious, between two people or “subjects”.  According to him, if you closely analyze diverse human interactions and perspectives and put multiple subjective viewpoints together, the result can help draw exciting conclusions and will help make meaningful and realistic decisions.

Interdisciplinary programs at SaiU allow students to explore a wide range of academic interests that help meet specific career and academic goals. They will receive globally inclusive interdisciplinary education through various custom-designed programs. The second session on Day 2 was about how our students can customize education to match their interests and career goals.  Dr. Shailender Swaminathan (Dean, Division of Social Sciences and Professor of Economics) and Mr. Cody A. Valdes (Senior Lecturer and Senior Tutor at the School of Arts and Sciences) wanted to familiarize our students with the core and elective disciplines,  methods, and resources available at SaiU.  They spoke about SaiU’s innovative curriculum in detail. Our cross-disciplinary programs will help explore unique interests and expand knowledge beyond traditional academic disciplines. Our students will work closely with the professors and tutors at SaiU to hone their skills and pursue their scholarly interests.

Ms. Neha Goenka’s (Director, Department of Communications & Student Life) session on collaborative learning added a lot of fun and excitement. She spoke about the growing relevance of collaborative learning and the various ways in which it engages learners helps them process and synthesize information effectively.

Day 2 drew to a close with the second part of the interaction and bonding program to help students gel as a community and create and strengthen their bonds with their teachers.

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