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Let’s Build the Future Together – SaiU Orientation Program Day 3

We concluded our orientation program with insightful sessions on how SaiU’s interdisciplinary programs can breathe life into their dreams and ambitions. At SaiU, our students have the opportunity to study their favourite subjects from multiple disciplines and perspectives that are interesting and intriguing and equip themselves to become well-rounded and future-ready citizens. 

On the final day of the orientation program, Prof. (Dr.) S. Sadagopan, a member of the International Advisory Board of Sai University, spoke about how SaiU can help students apply computing and data science, data analysis, interpretation, and storage skills in complex real-world settings. According to him, through various interdisciplinary programs, SaiU’s  School of Computing and Data Science offers innumerable opportunities to learn the art of extracting and leveraging knowledge and meaningful information from a massive sea of data.

Interactive classes and experience-based learning at SaiU will help students explore a broad range of interests and specialities. Most educational institutions offer a variety of degrees that promise different career paths. However, you may not find a specific program that matches what you intend to do in your career. For example, if you want to pursue a career in product design, consider an interdisciplinary program where you can experiment, create, and collaborate in various ways by customizing your field of study, said Prof. Kums P Kumaresan (from IIT Bombay). His session was thought-provoking and reiterated the necessity to let each student design the program of study based on interests and aptitudes.

At SaiU, we connect with students on academic and emotional levels and make learning rich and fulfilling. The one-on-one session with the Chancellor helped forge meaningful connections with our students. The Chancellor spoke candidly about his experiences and shared many interesting stories. He actively participated in games and made the session light-hearted and fun. The students were able to establish a close rapport with the Chancellor. They asked him several questions that he happily answered.

The orientation program drew to a close with the final part of the interaction and bonding program to help students gel as a community and create and strengthen their bonds with their teachers. 

After the bonding session, the students attended a very informative webinar by Dr. Nicholas B. Dirks, an American academic and the former Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley. He actively encouraged our students to focus intensely on interdisciplinary learning and thinking and thus cross the boundaries of traditional disciplines and learn how to solve some of the complex global challenges.

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