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What is liberal education? Why is it important?

Did you know that liberal educational models ensure the highest employability quotient? Do you know why? Liberal education is much more than choosing one subject and memorizing facts. It broadens the knowledge horizons of the students and equips them with several impressive skills and capabilities. So, what exactly is liberal education?

Liberal education offers a multidisciplinary approach and a broad spectrum intellectual grounding. A proven educational model that will help you live a creative, responsible, and productive life, liberal education offers a transformative learning approach to draw knowledge from the disciplines of your choice. It provides a framework for collaborative learning and will help you learn a broad spectrum of subject areas so that you can eventually find your true calling. It will also help you design your degree based on your interests and skills so that you can choose the niche path to land the job of your dreams. 

The combination of the terms liberal and education has by far conjured a diverse range of definitions. Liberal education is one of the oldest and proven models. Yet, the term “liberal” is a hurdle many people cannot get past because they believe that liberal education curricula are open-ended and lack academic rigor, structure, seriousness, and student experience. They are wrong because liberal education refers to liberating your mind from the constraints that hinder your intellectual journey. It puts critical and creative thinking, seamless communication, and proactive problem-solving at the heart of learning. Every student gets exposed to a broad range of knowledge across disciplines and learns how to analyze a problem from multiple perspectives, communicate your inferences, and effectively connect and collaborate with empathy. 

What makes liberal education future-ready?

Liberal education is highly relevant in the increasingly complex and interdependent world we live in, and here are the reasons why we believe so: 


It empowers you with adaptability. Our world is ever-changing. The pandemic is a perfect reminder of the ever-prevalent changes and the unpredictability associated with them. It reiterates the increasing need for adaptability – one of the skills that liberal education offers. It will broaden your knowledge and help you solve challenges and problems proactively. And guess what? Your ability to adapt well will help you scale greater heights in your professional life.

Liberal education will prepare you for uncertainties in your career and future jobs. The degree you get will unfold a diverse range of career options, and you can choose one among them. A plethora of emerging opportunities will also improve your chances of building a stellar career. Furthermore, liberal education will hone your leadership skills and help you create, collaborate, inspire, and innovate at your chosen workplace. In addition to getting a degree, you can equip yourself with a range of impressive soft skills, including communication to problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical and observational skills.

Liberal education improves your innovation skills because you are not focusing on a single discipline. It exposes you to a range of inspiring ideas, concepts, and experiences and paves the way to innovation and the birth of new ideas, theories, and philosophies.

Liberal education creates socially responsible humans. It enables you to think without hindrances, analyze things from a range of perspectives, and be open to the opinions of others. In the long run, you will be actively involved in volunteering and social causes, more than your STEM counterparts. Why is this relevant? When machines are slowly taking over humans, and when our world is heading towards more and more automation, empathy through the right actions and interactions is what the future world needs.

If liberal education can make you well-rounded and highly valued, isn’t it the right path to take to devour the true joys of learning and to eventually go on and do incredible things in your life and career?


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