Anjana Raghavan
Professor, School of Arts and Sciences
Director, Student Life

Dr. Anjana Raghavan has 14 years of experience in Social Science and Liberal Arts Higher Education and has worked across the domain including Sociology, Cultural Studies, and Decolonial Feminism. She earned her PhD in Cultural Studies from the IIT Madras in 2014. She has been the recipient of three student-nominated Inspirational Teaching Awards at her previous university in Sheffield, UK. She has several publications including a monograph entitled Towards Corporeal Cosmopolitanism: Performing Decolonial Solidarities. London: Rowman and Littlefield International; Prayers to Kāli: Practicing Radical Numinosity (2019), Third World Thematics: A TWQ Journal, and “Queering Authenticity by Embracing and Resisting the Persistent Haunting of Imposterism“ (2021) in ‘Imposter Syndrome’ as a Public Feeling in Higher Education eds. Addison, Michelle, Maddie Breeze, and Yvette Taylor. London: Palgrave.

She began her career as Lecturer in Sociology at Stella Maris College, Chennai in 2008. Subsequently, she completed her PhD and joined Sheffield Hallam University in 2015 where she worked as Senior Lecturer in Sociology, and served on the university’s Race Equality Commission before joining Sai University.

In her previous role at Sheffield Hallam University, Dr. Raghavan taught many hundreds of students over the course of 7 years, taking particular interest in the pastoral care of her students, and helping them realise their desires and goals with respect to what they wanted out of their university experience. She is particularly committed to the holistic well-being of students, and the importance of structural support and equity in the university with respect to the student experience. At Sai University Dr. Raghavan will be responsible for teaching as well as providing student experience.


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