M.A. in Public Policy 
(Specialization in Technology, Law and Policy)

The Two–Year Master’s program in Public Policy with a specialization in Technology, Law and Policy is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to address the complex policy challenges facing society today. 

Graduates of the program will be well-prepared for careers in government, non-profit organizations, international organizations, consulting firms, and the private sector, where they can make a meaningful impact on society by developing and implementing innovative policy solutions.

M.A. in Public Policy (2 Years)

The integration of technology and the increasing demand for sustainable energy sources present unique policy challenges that require innovative solutions. This program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between public policy, allowing them to develop strategies and policies that address these challenges.

Through a combination of theoretical and practical coursework, students will explore the legal, economic, social, and political implications of technology or energy and climate policies. They will gain a deep understanding of policy analysis, advocacy, and implementation, as well as the development of evidence-based policy recommendations.

MA Public Policy - Course Structure

  • Introduction to Public Policy and Governance
  • Policy Design and Implementation
  • Technology Policy Regulation and Analysis
  • Introduction to Sustainable Development
  • Communication for Public Policy Professionals
  • Private Law Foundations
  • I.T. Act
  • Emerging Technologies Regulation
  • Data Protection
  • Telecom Law
  • Capstone Project or Thesis

Program Highlights

Graduates of all disciplines and professionals across all careers can apply to this course.


Earn your degree without any background in public policy or law


Build competency in public and private sectors


Learn from Internationally reputed law faculty


Capstone Project to gain real-world policymaking experience


Personal connect with legal influencers from across the world


Opportunities for legal research, internship and placement

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