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As the first cohort of SaiU, students will have the unique opportunity to create their own extracurricular experience. Recreational activities will foster connections across academic disciplines, build communities that center intellectual and personal growth, and endow students—starting from their very first year—with invaluable leadership skills. From arts to sports, SaiU assures all support and infrastructure for students to dabble in their interests while
envisioning, establishing, and leading their clubs.


SaiU strongly believes in helping students find the right balance between their academic life and extracurricular activities. Student activities at SaiU is a culmination point which allows youth from across departments to mingle and break the ice!

Sunrise at the Marina Beach

Chennai is a city which dons many hats: from its music scene to its food escapades, from its movie culture to its vibrant heritage walks, Chennai has it all. Chennai is the perfect mix of the old-fashioned and the modern, an aspect that makes this city unique. Promptly dubbed as the cultural capital of India, Chennai has a booming intellectual community and is a melting pot of arts and culture. During the course of your study at SaiU, you will get to learn and experience the culture of a multi-faceted city like Chennai, and also experience its traditions and conventions.


At SaiU, we value the relationship students have with the community they are a part of. As part of the university’s outbound activities, students from our Daksha Fellowship were taken to key locations around Chennai that have cultural significance. Students explored Mahabalipuram, where the temples and architectural marvels date back to the Pallava dynasty. Our students went on a weekend trip to Puducherry, and witnessed the beauty of this town’s French legacy and blended with the Tamil culture, creating its very unique identity.

Students taking part in outbound activities

Students taking part in outbound activities

As part of outbound activities organized for the first cohort of Daksha Fellowship, students had a chance to go on a nature trip to Vedanthangal, which proved to be a great stress-buster. Students also took part in obstacle training and adventure activities like cheetah climbs, crocodile walks, Burma bridge which tested their team spirit and helped them understand their strengths and weaknesses.

These activities are not just designed to encourage participants to get out of their comfort zones, but also to give them a platform to work towards a common goal that is not limited to their education.


SaiU believes in giving students the room to holistic growth and development. We understand the important place sports occupies in a student’s life and we have a slew of clubs and activities that will not only encourage students to take up sports but also excel in them. For instance, students of the first cohort of Daksha Fellowship from the School of Law were taken on an adventure surfing trip to Kovalam beach.

Students surfing the waves at Kovalam Beach

Students surfing the waves at Kovalam Beach

They were encouraged to try their hand at kayaking and surfing and ride the waves at this pristine beach. Students were given basic training in water sports activities and what better place than Chennai to test the waters, literally so! SaiU’s campus is equipped with world class sports facilities. From basketball courts to badminton courts, the campus is a one-stop destination for all students

Students enjoying kayaking at Kovalam Beach

Students enjoying kayaking at Kovalam Beach


We at SaiU keep our students’ wellbeing as our priority. Keeping the current pandemic situation in mind, our city campus is sanitized regularly and is par with all the safety protocols laid down by the Tamil Nadu government. We ensure social distancing is maintained and masking is mandatory. Hygienic and safe education environment is our mantra.

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