SaiU - Vision & Mission

The founding vision of Sai University is to be an outstanding global university, equal to the best.

Our mission is based on three majestic pillars: empowering people to liberate their minds and realize their potential; sparking the imagination to spur discovery, innovation and creative work; and unleashing education and research through action, for the betterment of our societies.

We seek students and faculty who are: curious about what lies beyond familiar boundaries of knowledge; dedicated to honing their ability to think analytically, refine their aesthetic sensibilities and communicate clearly; driven to express their passion authentically through their life’s work; and inspired to elevate humanity.

In the fulfillment of this mission, Sai University is committed to the highest universal standards of excellence, accomplishment and integrity


As India's youngest University, SaiU is designed for students and faculty who are curious about what lies beyond familiar boundaries and driven to express their passion

Global           Faculty

Global Faculty

Eminent professors from across the globe, at the frontiers of knowledge and creativity

Real World Ready

Real World Ready

Interactions with Industry experts for relevant and real-world lessons



A liberal, interdisciplinary and technologically advanced approach based on the latest cognitive research on how the mind learns

Research Focused

Research Focused

Learn through discovery, experience, creation and action


We will create schools of excellenceacross diverse disciplines


We are a Digital University with an offline presence. While the world is adapting to new realities and digital pivots, leading industry veterans conceptualized a unique university to enable learning. With disruption, rapid change, and innovation built at the heart of it, Sai University is a global institution that facilitates learning for the new world with a mission to create a lasting impact and positively transform our communities.