Kavita Deshpande
Associate Professor, School of Computing and Data Science

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Dr. Sutar – Deshpande has 20 years of teaching experience and 10 years of research experience in Mathematics and has worked across the domain including Representation theory, Numerical linear algebra, scientific computing, and computer vision. Dr. Sutar – Deshpande earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics from Northeastern University, Boston in 2012. She has several publications like the Face counting formula for toric arrangements defined by root systems, (with P.Deshpande). Deletion-restriction in toric arrangements (with P. Deshpande. Orbit closures of source-sink Dynkin quivers.  Resolutions of defining ideals of orbit closures for quivers of type $A_3$.

She began her career with Fergusson College as a Lecturer in 2003 followed by working with Bhaskaracharya Pratishthan, Pune. She then went on to be a Teaching Assistant and a Ph.D. student in 2006 at Northeastern University, Boston. Subsequently, in 2012 she joined Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) as a visiting fellow and further took responsibility as a lecturer up until recently. During her tenure at CMI, she has been the faculty advisor for the M.Sc. (Data Science) program. She has also served on CMI’s Grievance Committee and the DS Admissions Committee.

At Sai University, Dr. Sutar – Deshpande will be responsible for teaching and helping build the Computing and Data Science program.


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