Steven Spallone
Professor, School of Arts and Sciences and School of Computing and Data Science

After completing his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Chicago, Steven completed 19 years of research and teaching experience in the subject, including representation theory, combinatorics, and algebraic topology. His 23 publications include “A Chinese Remainder Theorem for Partitions” and “Spinoriality of Orthogonal Representations of Reductive Groups”. He began his career doing postdoctoral work at the MPIM in Bonn, Purdue University, the University of Oklahoma, and TIFR Mumbai, before joining IISER Pune in 2012 as an Associate Professor. There he was a foundational faculty member, helping to set up a Ph.D. program, an iPhD program, and an MS program. During his 11-year tenure there, he graduated three Ph.D. Theses and seven MS Theses.

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