SaiU is looking for multi-faceted students to join its liberal education cohort of 2021. At SaiU, we value thirst for knowledge, personal identities and desire to be on the continuous path of learning. We seek students who are motivated to expand their horizons, to explore the unknown, to follow their dreams, and to attain a larger societal purpose.

Who is the ideal SaiU applicant?

Is intellectually stimulated and a curious learner

Willing to broaden their horizon by taking courses in multiples fields, and interacting with fellow students pursuing a wide range of interests

Discovers their unique talents and develops them to the fullest

Is open to exploring interdisciplinary studies

Nurtures their cognitive powers rather than accumulating facts

Is creative, inventive and independent-minded

Understands human nature and group dynamics

Is a thoughtful and empathic leader who aspires to make a positive difference in the world

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