Academic collaboration between
Sai University School of Law and Texas A&M University School of Law

Academic Collaboration between Sai University and University of Toronto, Canada

In January 2023, Sai University students will join University of Toronto students for a 3-month course on 'Asian Cities' offered at University of Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs.

School of Law, Sai University  signs MOU with Texas A&M University, School of Law.

To further their continued interest in joint activities, Texas A&M University and the School of Law, Sai University have entered into an MOU to shape future partnership initiatives. 

Since its inception, the School of Law has had close links and academic collaboration with Texas A&M, and these will be further deepened through faculty exchange for joint teaching and research; cross registration and enrollment of qualified students in academic programmes offered at both Universities and developing further avenues for strengthening their partnership. As centres of excellence, the Schools are committed to further the mutual and common aim of furthering academic excellence in India and the United States

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