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Daksha Dialogues is back with its next edition on Quantum Technologies, Concepts and Applications. Quantum technology solutions offer the prospect of truly cutting-edge applications in computing, cryptography, sensors, biology and a vast array of advanced applications. These solutions are reliant on concepts in theoretical physics such as quantum entanglement, superposition and tunneling.

Seeing the vast potential in this domain, nations across the globe have been ramping up their Quantum Technology infrastructure. The Indian government announced the National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications with a total budget outlay of INR 8,000 crores with focus on fundamental science, translation, technology development, human and infrastructural resource generation, and innovation and start-up activity that addresses issues of national priority.

To know more about India’s strides and the global landscape in this all-important domain of quantum tech, join us for a one-hour conversation between Tushar Gandhi, Founder and CEO, Gateway Consulting and Animesh Aaryan, Founder and CEO, TAQBIT LABS.

The dialogue will cover the current state of quantum encryption and challenges, features of quantum tech and how it can enhance cybersecurity, potential applications of this technology, and steps that India needs to take to be ahead in the global race on quantum tech. The conversation will be followed by an interactive Q&A session.

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