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A Human Library as a concept, was brought in with an intention to increase human bonding and create a non-discriminative society. A Human Library is a novel concept which seeks to replace books with humans. It is designed to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue, by using a library analogy of lending PEOPLE (as books) rather than NORMAL books.

MERAKI is Sai University’s Human Library. The aim of MERAKI is to create a discrimination-free and a highly engaging workplace. This initiative creates a platform where employees of SaiU can volunteer to transform their anecdotes into fascinating books OR be an energetic audience. The books chosen for the Human Library will narrate their unique and personal experience, thereby reducing the prejudice and discrimination among people.

MERAKI believes that every person has a story and every story has to be told. Your experiences are the essence of you and there is no small or big experience.

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