S. Krishnamurti Endowment Law Lecture on the Doctrine of Judicial Review and Chief Justice John Marshall

School of Law, Sai University proudly presented the second lecture in the S. Krishnamurti Endowment Lectures in Law series at The Music Academy, Chennai on 5th April 2024. The concept behind Sai University’s Public Lectures emanates from the vision of the School of Law to spur critical thinking on legal issues and engage with the legal fraternity and the public. Through these Lectures, the law school aims to spearhead discussions, reflections and engagement with ideas beyond the familiar boundaries of legal knowledge.

Senior Advocate and Mediator Sriram Panchu presented the second lecture in the S. Krishnamurti Endowment Lecture series on law, titled ‘Doctrine of Judicial Review and Chief Justice John Marshall’. In this enlightening talk about the authority of courts to review statutes, Mr. Panchu emphasized the need for India to shape its constitution as a fundamental guide for national life. He highlighted John Marshall’s pivotal role in establishing the court as the protector and interpreter of the constitution, underscoring the significance of judicial review.



Furthermore, Advocate Sriram Panchu emphasized that the constitution holds the highest authority, with the court serving as its interpreter, defender, and guardian.

Justice N. Anand Venkatesh, the chief guest at the lecture, highlighted the pressure and criticism that judges encounter on social media, identifying it as a new challenge in their judicial duties. Furthermore, he referenced the SR Bommai case in India as a significant moment in judicial review, where it was ruled that actions taken by a President after issuing a proclamation could be subject to court review.

KV Ramani, chancellor of Sai University, and Professor Jamshed Bharucha, vice-chancellor, also spoke on the occasion. The vote of thanks was delivered by Professor MV Shiju, acting dean, School of Law.

These endowment lectures have been named after Late Sri. S.Krishnamurti, who was a gentleman and lawyer who practiced Company Law and Taxation Law in Madras High Court and in his law chambers with great expertise and elan. He was also a great humanist who helped everyone in need with pro bono counsel. Sri S.Krishnamurti also supported several students with scholarships for their education. The S.Krishnamurti Endowment Lectures in Law has been instituted by his daughter, Dr. Vasantha Bharucha from New Delhi, with a generous grant, enabling these lectures to be organised every three months.

A big thank you to all the participants who played a vital role in making the second lecture of the S. Krishnamurti Endowment Lecture Series at Sai University School of Law a tremendous success.


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