#SaiUCohortConnect Calendar

SaiUCohortConnect series is underway. In this series, we introduce various aspects of SaiU’s unique approach to higher education. Between 1 September 2021 and 22 September 2021, our incoming cohort of the academic year 2021-22 will be introduced to SaiU and its leadership. Our students will undergo engaging and impactful workshops on topics such as interdisciplinary learning, creative arts, critical thinking, career paths, and many more. Speakers will include our resident and visiting faculty, and experts from diverse fields.

The SaiUCohortConnect series serves as a pre-orientation program for our registered students to help them learn about the University and get to know each other before the formal orientation begins.


All the sessions have been deliberately chosen and tailored in a manner that will provide students with an understanding of the uniqueness of Sai University, its programs, curriculum, and pedagogy. Using workshops, chats, panel discussions, games, and more, we aim to connect with our students, help them engage with us and each other.

Note: #SaiUCohortConnect series is exclusively for SaiU’s Class 2021 and the registration links for each session will be sent individually to the students’ registered email id. Stay tuned!

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