Understanding AI’s Impact on Information Ecosystem [Lecture Summary]

The Centre for Technology, Law, and Policy at the School of Law, Sai University organised a virtual public lecture on 15th May, 2023, focusing on the topic of “Understanding AI’s Impact on the Information Ecosystem.” The lecture was delivered by Nidhi Sudhan, a renowned tech and media advocate with 17 years of experience in content, editorial, and brand management across various media platforms. Her last professional stint was in football business analytics at Chelsea Football Club, London. 

The lecture attracted a diverse audience, including students from prestigious universities such as Delhi University, Calcutta University, Christ University, Symbiosis Law School, Ambedkar University, Mount Carmel College, and National Law Universities like NLIU, Bhopal, and NLU, Delhi.

Nidhi Sudhan addressed several key points during the lecture, shedding light on the profound implications of AI on the information ecosystem. The following are some key takeaways:

  Extractive digital media business models driven by algorithms and AI prioritise constant consumption of content and exploit intimate data.
  Algorithms in social media are optimised to keep users distracted and engaged for longer periods of time.
  Digital media platforms have unprecedented scale and reach compared to traditional media, offering editorial diversity, interactivity, and
  However, digital media also brings challenges such as information overload and post-truth misinformation.
  AI algorithms can reinforce existing beliefs, create echo chambers, and lead to polarisation within society.
  Each “moral-emotional” word used in social media content receives between 17-24% more engagement.
  Effective tech governance is crucial, including regulatory frameworks promoting transparency, accountability, and ethical practices in AI deployment.
  The usage of AI in the legal profession may gain popularity, but clients will ultimately rely on the critical thinking skills of their lawyers.
  Further, employing Generative AI tools poses significant risks to confidentiality in the legal field.


Overall, the virtual public lecture provided valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges posed by AI in the media landscape. Nidhi Sudhan’s expertise and experience in the field allowed the audience to grasp the implications of extractive digital media business models, the scale of digital media, the prevalence of misinformation, AI bias, and the crucial role of tech governance. By addressing these issues, the lecture aimed to promote a more informed understanding of AI in the information ecosystem.

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