The new National Education Policy had taken into consideration all aspects and concerns of educators and students, said K. Kasturirangan, the chairman of the policy’s drafting committee.

In a webinar hosted jointly by The Hindu and Sai University on Wednesday Mr. Kasturirangan ran the audience through the salient features of the policy and addressed their concerns on its implementation.

“We are aware of the geographical and economic imbalances. We have a 10-year time frame (to implement) and another 10 years to evaluate it,” he said. In a wide-ranging discussion, Mr. Kasturirangan said experiences from across the country had been studied, which led the committee to come up with a mechanism to develop every student’s capabilities, be it in learning languages, communicating or developing technical expertise.

Unique abilities
The policy had been drafted with the aim of exploiting the unique capability of a human being, he said.

Jamshed Bharucha, founding Vice-Chancellor of the University, said he had been excited to return to India after 40 years after reading the NEP. He said he welcomed the academic bank of credit system. “I support the spirit of the proposal because of the obvious flexibility but I have one concern. I hope that it does not force all institutions to follow the same curriculum,” he said.

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