With secondary and higher education institutions knee-deep in ‘blended learning’ for over a year, Sayyantana Dutta who manages Academic Affairs at the Daksha Fellowship and Sai University, writes about the way forward for higher education systems in the pandemic era.

Published in The Bastion, an independent digital magazine, the article sheds light on blended learning, its impact on India and whether Indian educators are equipped to deal with it. Mr. Dutta also talks about the Open Book exam conundrum, and its implications in the education system.

“The UGC Note on Blended Learning is an important step in the direction of facing the realities and needs of our current higher education system. While significant steps are being taken to ensure the dissemination of knowledge is not disrupted, creation and evaluation are definitely suffering, primarily due to oversight,” writes Mr. Dutta who is interested in Education Models, Curriculum Design and Media Literacy.

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