In its inaugural year, Sai University will offer a combination of subjects from BA literature and BA social science to BSc courses, an article by The Hindu said.

The article by the national daily also lists the combination of undergraduate courses available for students in this academic year. For eg, a student pursuing BA Literature may take both English and Tamil together or separately and study music, philosophy, visual arts and women and gender studies.

The article also talks about the exclusive array of cutting-edge subjects like astronomy, physics and space science, besides biological science, cognitive neuroscience, computer science, data science, environmental science and mathematics, that will be available to students.

Dr. Jamshed Bharucha, Founding Vice Chancellor said in the interview that he developed the course structures based on his experience as a student in erstwhile Bombay. “There is traction on ideas about liberal education and the National Education Policy endorses those ideas,” he said. “It would prepare creative students for next-generation jobs or start companies. It is a historic opportunity to take data science approach to public health. Most other countries have done this,” he added, according to the report.

The article also details about SaiU’s study-abroad programs, the Teichman model of education guided by Sherman Teichman, Professor of Practice at SaiU.

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