Sai University recently organised a webinar on international relations and conflicts as part of its Synaptic Forum which explores ideas of visionary thought leaders around the world. Sai University aims to be the focal point for higher education in India with an active and inter-disciplinary model that will combine traditional education with dynamic methods.

The webinar led by Founding Vice Chancellor Dr. Jamshed Bharucha hosted Sherman Teichman as the guest speaker who is a renowned educator with decades of experience in international conflict resolution around the world.

At the forum, Mr. Teichman, also a Professor of Practice, International Relations, in the university, spoke about his role in bringing about peaceful resolutions in Iraq in the aftermath of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship. He spoke in detail about the Helsinki principle in 2008 that brought together various sections of Iraqi society in an effort to create a non-sectarian basis for election in the aftermath of Saddam Hussein’s rule.

He also explained about his interactions with Mac Maharaj, a retired South African politician with affiliations with the African National Congress. Mr. Teichman’s model of international education is one that puts students in the midst of international issues and conflicts to get them to learn first-hand the nuances of negotiations and peace talks.

Mr. Teichman’s storied work in experiential education has changed the way students look at international conflict and resolution today.

Sai University’s Dean, School of Law, Ananth Padmanabhan who was also present at the webinar spoke about the power of narrative in the context of international conflict resolution. He spoke about how the dispute resolution system in India is depersonalized and almost dispassionate in the way cases are judged.

Mr. Teichman is the Founding Director of the Institute of Global Leadership at Tufts, a Senior Fellow at the Carr Center with the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. He is also a part of various important boards – Wallenberg Center for Human Rights Foundation, RefugePoint, Combatants of Peace among others. Mr. Teichman has been instrumental in helping tackle international conflicts and its aftermath and how to reconcile in a manner that respects people’s dignity.

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