At Sai University, our leadership is helmed by experienced and educated personalities from a range of evolving fields. Reiterating our commitment towards a whole-rounded and experiential model of education, our Board of Directors symbolize the wide range of specializations that we would like to be renowned for. 

From prominent scientists to revolutionary industrialists; from senior bankers to distinguished judges, Sai University’s Board has a plethora of esteemed personalities with years of experience and futuristic vision to their credit. The expertise they bring to the table is unparalleled and will aid in setting the righteous path for the future of our University. The aim behind bringing together such a distinguished range of experience is to showcase our commitment towards delivering holistic education with no compromise on quality. A global education agenda requires an equally global power team. What the Board brings to forefront is unfettered thoughts and ideas that shape the way Sai University will function. 

Many of our Board of Directors are Padma awardees and winners of esteemed awards across the world. Not only are they experienced practitioners in their respective fields, but they have also taken up the mantles on exploring the unexplored thereby effectively contributing to their industry, country and community at large. These individuals have forged a path forward in their respective fields of expertise with creative and ground-breaking ideas, that are bound to trickle down to our students as well.  

From science to liberal arts, from law to information technology, from atomic energy to management studies, our array of advisors will lead the path towards creating an environment that is enriched in practical know-how, something that we promise is the cornerstone of our education model at Sai University. Our Board and advisors will shape a new generation of young leaders who will be well-versed in critical thinking, communication and are real-world creative problem solvers without compromising on integrity and value systems. 

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