From lockdown chronicles to ways to handle the pandemic; from policy decisions on Indian infrastructure to dependency on technology, over 200 students had a lot to write about as part of Sai University’s (SaiU) online essay competition, The Written Word. Students from classes 2 to 12 and from schools across India and UAE participated in the event, which was organized to create a platform for young minds to pen their views on important topics of today.

Essay writing helps one organize thoughts, summon evidence, entertain counter-arguments, critique alternative views after doing justice to them, and present thoughts in a succinct manner, all of which are crucial life skills for every young student. Essay writing also helps a student in developing their vocabulary in an engaging manner.

Based on SaiU’s commitment to building key skills like critical thinking, expository writing among others, The Written Word elicited exciting and innovative views from all participants.

Here are the winners of the three categories of the competition:

Group 3 – Classes 9-12

1. Preesha Gopal Prabath, Class 10, Alpine Public School, Bangalore
2. Aru Bisht, Class 12, Gitanjali Senior School, Hyderabad
3. Kush Bhautik Vaidya, Class 11, Abu Dhabi Indian School Branch-1
4. Ayesha Saboor Usmani, Class 12, Delhi Private School, Dubai
5. Lakshanya Garata, Class 12, Gitanjali Senior School, Hyderabad
6. Swonshutaa Dash, Class 11, Vibgyor High School (Malad), Mumbai
7. Gagan Datta Poranki, Class 10, Gitanjali Senior School, Hyderabad

Group 2 – Classes 5-8

1. Hemesh S, Class 7, Alpine Public School, Bangalore
2. Eva Claire Vas, Class 8, Ambassador School, Dubai
3. Laibah Mirza, Class 7, Delhi Private School, Dubai
4. Janhavi Nahate, Class 7, Ambassador School, Dubai
5. Manvir Singh, Class 6, Delhi Private School, Dubai
6. Pranavi Joshi, Class 8, Gitanjali Senior School, Hyderabad
7. Dhanvi Praveen Shenava, Class 7, Ambassador School, Dubai

Group 1 – Classes 2-4

1. Ayaan Rao, Class 2, Ambassador School, Dubai
2. Adya Srivastava, Class 3, Delhi Private School, Dubai
3. Shanaya Mehta, Class 3, Ambassador School, Dubai
4. Neelesh Anil Kartha, Class 2, Ambassador School, Dubai
5. Roaan Sandeep Karippil, Class 3, Bangalore International School, Bangalore
6. Mira Kote, Class 2, Bangalore International School, Bangalore
7. Mahikaa Pai, Class 4, Bangalore International School, Bangalore.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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