Anand Sahasranaman
Associate Professor, School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Sahasranaman has seventeen years of industry and teaching experience. He works at the intersection of mathematics and the social sciences. His research is focused on exploring socioeconomic processes through the lens of complex systems, network science, and computational models. 

Dr. Sahasranaman has earned his PhD in Mathematics from Imperial College, London in 2018, where he was a Schrödinger Scholar, for research on processes such as segregation and economic decline as complex systems. This has segued into explorations of migration, innovation, crime, and economic growth among other urban processes, and cemented a broader interest in the science of cities. He has also been working on evolutionary models to explore economic phenomena such as income and wealth inequality, and biological processes such as longevity and the pace of life.

Dr. Sahasranaman was previously a faculty in economics and mathematics at Krea University. He is also a Visiting Scientist at the Centre for Complexity Science at Imperial College, London. Before Krea, in his involvement with Dvara Research, he was working on questions of financial systems design, public economics, and household finance in low-income contexts. He led the technical secretariat for the RBI Committee on Comprehensive Financial Services, peer-reviewed customer protection laws drafted by the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission, and worked with the High Power Expert Committee (HPEC) on Urban Infrastructure.

He trained as an electronics engineer at PSG Tech in 1999 and has an MBA in Finance and Quantitative Analysis from Carnegie Mellon in 2003.

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